It pays to be a Member:

When you become a Member of the PMPCPD Network you become part of a group of like-minded podiatrists.                                                                 Annual Membership runs from Jan-Dec and provides all of the CPD points you are likely to need to satisfy the requirements of the PBNZ.


Your Annual Membership Fee gets you FREE access to all of the Network’s Online Zoom Events and any other in-house Education Evenings for the year (excluding major events such as Conference, and/or other third party events – eg. CPR Course).


As a fully paid up PMPCPD Network Member you will enjoy cheaper registration fees than Non-Members for Major Events.


All Membership Fee and other Event Payments must now be paid directly  into the PMPCPDN KIWIBANK Account #38-9018-0601796-00

Payment receipts will be sent to all fee paying members once fees are cleared.

Non Members must pay for each event.

For the duration of 2022 the PMPCPDN ONLINE ZOOM EVENTS will cost Non Members $75 each to access. 

Payment of $75 by Non-Members automatically converts to the PodMedNet Membership Fee allowing these participants to enjoy PodMedNet Membership benefits (free access for the remaining Zoom Presentations for 2022) for the remainder of the PodMed Membership year.

Major Events and Third Party Events will be priced accordingly and will be more expensive for Non Members to attend.